Professional Education

Training leaders of tomorrow in exponential healthcare technologies and data analytics


We believe in the power of education to transform lives. Working in partnership with world-class higher academic institutions (Universities) and Fortune 500 companies we equip young professionals with skills and know-how to become leaders in implementation and analytics for emerging health technologies. With a passion to build capacity among future scientists, business executives, entrepreneurs and clinicians, we have trained thousands of young professionals through E-Learning courses and internships.


Design and scale courses in health technologies and analytics

Our team designs and white-labels course content to highlight your academic and professional brand, and then helps you scale it globally. We use best-in class learning platforms (eg: WebCT, D2L) and exponential technologies (AR/VR) to build and deliver courses in health informatics, digital epidemiology, data science and health technology implementation.  Our team has collectively developed over 50 university courses/units in Australia, USA, Europe, and Canada. Through collaborations and partnerships with universities world-wide, we are scaling these courses to over 1,000,000 students, globally.

University and professional development courses developed by our team include (not limited to):

  • Health informatics

  • Public Health Informatics

  • Epidemiological research methods

  • Program design and implementation

  • IT Project management

  • Health systems implementation

  • Health Economics

  • Community health and disease prevention

  • Global and environmental health issues

  • Big Data analytics

  • Information systems management

  • Business intelligence

  • Professional practice

  • Applied research Methodologies

  • Qualitative research methods


Real-world professional training

We link students to professional internship opportunities, where they gain real-world experience and pathways for career growth. Our on-the-job educational opportunities promote professional growth and development in core competencies of health informatics, epidemiology and technology implementation.

Through ongoing partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, government departments and hospitals, and universities we have placed over 3,000 students into professional practice opportunities in positions aligned with their academic training. Longitudinal follow-up of students over the past 5 years has found that over 80% of interns went on to acquire full-time employment in their area of practice. Our internships have focused on placements in professional services firms and technology companies as well as local government and not-for-profit BCorps.