Data-Driven Decisions in Global Health

Global Health Research Inc. is a boutique consulting firm that uses scientific data and technology to unleash clients’ competitive positioning in the health and wellness industry.

Leveraging a dynamic network of associates with expertise in epidemiology, nutrition, anthropology, mathematics, and computer science, GHR thinks creatively around client’s research needs and designs tailored solutions accordingly.

Whether your goal is to understand state of evidence around a complex health topic or to leverage data in the era of mobile health technologies, GHR’s services will change your game.

Our Services

Evidence Generation & Synthesis

Apply evidence-based and precision medicine techniques to understanding causal pathways in health

Performance Outcome Evaluation

Design, monitor and evaluate progress towards reaching tangible health results

Digital Health

Strengthen authentic relationships with your clients through use of digital engagement tools, technology and communication

Data Analytics & Visualization

Use cutting edge analytics and visuals to make health data intuitive yet rigorous for decision-making

GHR has worked with clients across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors including:

World Bank
World Bank
CEuropean Union
European Union
Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton
World Health Organization
World Health Organization
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Global Affairs Canada

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