Peninsula Health


Project description:

Peninsula Health’s catchment includes approximately 850 square kilometres and a population of 300,000. It includes two public hospitals and three community care facilities. Our team was associated with a major technology integration project at Peninsula Health. Goals of the project were to:

  • Automate clinical care activities, including prescriptions, medication administration, radiology/pathology tests ordering; results review; and to support clinical care by providing timely access to patient data at point of clinical decision-making.
  • Train over 9,000 staff and develop a Learning Management System
  • Implement IT Infrastructure improvements, including upgrades to core data network, wireless network, clinical portal
  • Implement an IT Hardware program, including 850+ new point of care devices and 300+ Printers and Label Printers

Project resulted in increased medication safety, measured with key performance indicators pertaining to increase in medication allergy reports; improved prescription practice and medication adherence; improved medical history, medication reconciliation and administration; and reduction in medical and surgical errors.

The project also resulted in documented increases in operational efficiencies, notably reduced transcription errors, faster turnaround on diagnostic tests, improved reporting on system issues and improved patient monitoring.