Space Technologies for Global Health Impact


Springer Nature will publish a book written by Global Health PX founders, Dr Aranka and Dr Chandana, on space technology applications in global healthcare with endorsements from United Nations Expert Group on Space and Global Health, that reports to the Scientific and Technical committee on peaceful uses of technology (COPUOS) within the the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).



Infoway Partnership Conference

November 13 – 14, 2018 | Montreal, canada

Dr Aranka Anema (CEO) has been invited as the closing keynote speaker for Infoway partnership conference. Dr Chandana (CIO) is participating as a delegate with insights from Australia and representing Torrens University Australia (Global Health PX partners).

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Canadian Medical Association, Inspiring a Future of Better Health

Aug 20 – 21, 2018

CEO of Global Health PX, Aranka Anema, had a fireside chat about global innovations in Big Data analytics for improved patient-centered care.  She was joined by Dr. Peter Vaughan, Board Chair of Canada Health Infoway and Dr. Jennifer Zelmer, President of Azimuth Health Group to discuss knowledge trends and translation for optimized healthcare in Canada.


XPRIZE Visioneering Design Hackathon 

Aug 10 – 12, 2018


LeapFrog Hack, Smart Cities Global Summit

June 26 – 28, 2018 | Algiers

Global Health PX was invited to judge and mentor at the LeapFrog Hack: Smart Cities Global Summit Hackathon in DarTech — Dounia Park, Algiers, for the largest hackathon ever held in Africa.  


XPRIZE Foundation Visioneering

April 2018 | Los Angeles, CA

Global Health PX is an Advisor to the XPRIZE Foundation 2018 Visioneering process to design exponential technology solutions to sustainably Feed the next Billion. Sponsored by the Tony Robbins Foundation and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture, XPRIZE hosted a hackathon.


Public Health – What's in It for you? 

July 2018 | Melbourne, Australia

Dr Chandana (Chief Informatics Officer) shared her insights on Public Health Practice and its relevance globally leveraging on technology and informatics innovations in an interview in Melbourne @ Torrens University Australia.


BC Tech Association Corporation Innovation Launch 

Dec 2017 | Vancouver, Canada

Aranka shared latest in insights on how to future proof your business against technology disruption at the BC Tech Association’s Corporate Innovation Launch.  Great discussion with fellow entrepreneurs and executives from Finger Food Studios and Lyft about the role of AI, importance of investing in youth, and how to convince your CFO about the value of investing in innovation.


World Food Program and Singularity University Global Impact Challenge 

April 2017 | Mountain View, CA

With fellow technologist and entrepreneur, Nicholas Preston, Aranka was honoured to have won the 2017 United Nations World Food Programme and Singularity University Global Challenge to incubate novel technologies towards eradicating hunger by 2030.  Aranka and Nico attended Singularity’s flagship Global Solutions Program in the summer of 2017, and work closely with WFP’s Innovation Accelerator to apply lean start-up and human centered design methods to  incubate a data-driven AI solution for beta-testing in WFP field settings.

Canada Public Health Association Conference

May 2018 | Montreal, Canada

Our CIO, Dr Chandana presented on the theme of co-creating smart healthy cities using the living labs approach of United Nations that endorses peaceful uses of space technology in global health. The conference was attended by the Chief Public Health Officer Canada.

e-Health Conference

June 4–9, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Dr Chandana (CIO) presented at the e-health Conference and tradeshow on creating smart cities through integration of IoT devices and seamless healthcare in Toronto, June 4-7. She presented insights from real time experience in Melbourne, Australia (the most liveable city in the world).