Future proofing population health in Melbourne, Australia


Free Wifi connection in the City of Melbourne throughout the city has enabled innovative and pioneering approaches to mobile IoT to optimize population health and environmental initiatives. 

GHR experts has participated in numerous city hackathons including: GovHack, Future of Melbourne Cities Hack.

Working in close collaboration with the City of Melbourne, our team:

  • Forged 3P partnerships between government organizations, IoT technology companies and community agencies.
  • Prototyped and tested new ideas an innovations in Melbourne’s CityLab specific to: public health services, water quality, food accessibility and safety, physical infrastructure, transportation, environment, sensor-enabled waste management systems;
  • Aggregated, integrated and visualized IoT and citizen data into real-time dashboards for use by City Council and citizens of Melbourne.
  • Provided evidence-based recommendations to City regarding infrastructure development and population health programming.

Mobile IoT prototypes developed and piloted by our team with the City of Melbourne continue to be integrated into retirement villages, age care facilities and carers to enable seamless care building capacity for an ageing population.