Bendigo Health



Bendigo Health services a catchment area of 56,965 square kilometres and a population of approximately 300,000. Bendigo Hospital Project is the largest regional hospital development in Victoria, Australia  and known for its uptake of technology solutions.

Our team members were associated with the digitisation and implementation of IoT devices across the hospital to enhance provider efficiencies and improve patient safety. This project involved:

  • Implementing wearable tags and Real Time location Systems from Aeroscout to enhance efficiency of theatre and staff utilisation in its perioperative suite that handled 10,000 surgical procedures in a year. 
  • Facilitating process mapping of patients through surgery, to enable better allocation of resources, time and quality of care.
  • IoT to monitor medical equipment such as refrigerators and freezers used to store pharmaceuticals and blood supplies;
  • Silent alarm potential (wearable device) was deployed for assuring safety of doctors, nurses and PCAs in the hospital, beginning with mental health wards.

As a result of the digitisation, a new world-class regional hospital incorporating the latest design and technology solutions was initiated in 2010. The new facility features 372 inpatient beds; 72 same-day beds; 11 new operating theatres; an integrated cancer centre and an 80-bed psychiatry services facility including a parent-infant unit.